Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

What a great day! My brined turkey tasted great - I will do it again next year. I had all the folks over for the feast and everyone contributed something. We had a great time talking and eating and, althought there were a lot of people in a small space, it wasn't that bad. Some folks were in the kitchen and others in the living room and it seems that we all just naturally rotatated and all was fine. The cats, of course, were not too happy with the situation because they don't like crowds of people so they hid as much as possible.

We all ate too much and of course then we had to sleep off the overdose of turkey but we had a great time visiting. JW, Mom, Erica, Erin, James, Toni, Larry, Olivea, and Vivian and, of course, myself were all in attendance for this holiday feast. Mathew and Mo were unable to attend as Mo's father was very ill and Mo was with him. Mo's father actually passed away later that Thanksgiving evening. My heart goes out to you Mo, my sweet son.

My sweet daughter, Erin Marie, aka: The Christmas Nazi, decorated my house for me the day after Thanksgiving! It was all I could do to keep her from putting up the decorations on Halloween! I finally relented and let her dig out the Christmas stuff from the shed and go to town. She had a lot of fun with Olivea as they put ornaments on the tree and sorted out Christmas stockings. It is strange to be passing the torch, so to speak, to the next generation for the Christmas morning festivities. All these years, my home has been the place that everyone has gathered at on Christmas Eve and stayed the night so we could all be together the next morning to watch the little one open her gifts. This year I am passing the tradition on to my daughter Erin and it is her home that everyone will gather at and party and then wake up the next morning to the laughing glee of the little ones. I am going to stay home and just go over in the morning but it does seem strange--however, it is the normal evolution of things as the children grow-up and establish their own families--it is a milestone.

This year my dad is coming for Christmas! He lives in Brunswick, Georgia and it has been a couple of years since I have seen him and it has been at least 10 years since he has been back to the Northwest for a visit. It will be fantastic to spend some quality time with him and introduce him to the great grandchildren he has never met!

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Living the Life.... said...

Sound like you had so much fun. I miss being with eveyone! Miss you lots!