Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Been A While

Hello! Boy, it's been a while since I have posted but I have been down ill with pnuemonia and then I came down with a bad ear infection so haven't been up to writing much lately. I am on the mend now and back to work and feel'n like doing some writing today.

I finally gave the cats their flea bath and I came out the winner! Not that it did much good. They are still scratching like crazy but I am not going to give them another bath! I value my skin too much for that! Elliott tried to crawl over my shoulder and down my back but he didn't succeed in getting away, he did, however, succeed in giving me a good scratch as I pulled him off my shoulder and back. Hermoine was much easier but still no walk in the park. I will have to find another way to eradicate the little beasties other than flea baths - they don't work -- and are hazardous to my health! You know they just didn't appreciate the fact that they had a nice bath (Not Relaxing), had their coats brushed, and their nails clipped--I'm asking you where's the love! They didn't speak to me for two days!!

I got a phone call today from my daughter Erin, who is mother to my granddaughters Olivea and Vivian, who informed me that she and James are going to have another baby in July! Wonderful for them and boy am I glad they have their own place cause she is no picnic to live with when she is preggers! They are hoping for a boy because this is the last baby that she is going to have -- she is going to have her tubes tied after this baby is born.

We are just about ready for Thanksgiving - I have a smoked turkey coming from one of our line reps at work who have demo models of professional smokers and are, as a special service to our company, smoking our holiday turkeys for us. I am also roasting a turkey and for the first time ever I am brining my turkey before I roast it. Brining is supposed to make your turkey juicy and flavorful so I'll let you know how it turns out. I am having all the fam over to my house this year, which after my move last year, is quite a bit smaller so we will have a real up close and personal time ( I hope everyone showers and uses deodorant!). The rest of the dinner is being supplied by everyone else so my part is really pretty easy. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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Living the Life.... said...

That sucks you were so sick. I'm glad you are feeling better! Another grandbaby!! That's great! Tell Erin congratulations for me. Have a great Thanksgiving, Miss you lots.